$MIVRS Sold Out Private Sale in 37 Minutes! Upcoming Public Presale on 28th June!

4 min readJun 21, 2022

Due to many external factors, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have struggled in sympathy with the broader stock market due to inflation. Bitcoin has recently fallen to about $19,000; about 70% from its all-time high value of $67,000 in 2021.

But despite the generally negative market sentiment, Minionverse’s in-game currency $MIVRS sold out 10,000,000 tokens, raising 100,000 USD, in just 37 minutes! A proof that a good, working product can defy the crypto downtrend.

The Private Sale and the upcoming Presale rounds was and will be held in PinkSale.

The rise of Play-to-Earn gaming

Play-to-Earn is considered the next step in the digital revolution. In theory, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies allow users to earn ‘money’ as they play when they create or buy in-game assets linked to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Continuously playing the game allows players to boost the value of their NFTs and, therefore, the in-game currencies.

P2E and other similar concepts have become global sensations following the popularity of Axie Infinity with its promise that users who buy Axies can play its game to generate passive revenue. The protocol runs on two in-game tokens named Smooth Love Potion (SLP, used to breed in-game characters) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS, which perform a more sophisticated role of enabling governance through staking).

Arguably, however, its two-token system is an unsustainable model. The unlimited supply of SLP, which eventually led to the unintended impact of forcing more supply than demand, is just one of the reasons for the ecosystem’s continuous free fall. Axie Infinity also reduced the amount required to breed Axies to two tokens in an effort to attract more players. On the contrary, this caused digital hyperinflation because new players produce more NFTs and SLPs.

Experts believe that the current Play-to-Earn scene is just the beginning of a bigger and more adaptable future ecosystem. There are many other NFT games in the Play-to-Earn space that have seen great success due to better, more sustainable in-game economics. In fact, Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, said that 90% of the gaming market would switch to the P2E model in the next five years.

NFT Collectible Card Games

We have seen the success of NFT card collectible game with Splinterlands that features an interesting mechanics allowing leveling up of cards by merging multiple copies of the same card. Monsters gain stats and abilities as they increase in levels, which can obviously make a difference in battle. The number of cards required for merging increases on higher levels. Splinterlands, although run by a two-token system as well, boasts of a strong economy with meaningful rewards, an in-game rental system, leaderboard rewards, and tournaments for those who like an extra challenge, which makes the token value more sustainable.

Gods Unchained is also one of the earliest and most popular NFT collectible card games. Mostly PvP mode, players take turns playing cards from their hands. These cards involve summoning creatures, casting spells, and equipping relics. Players have a time limit for actions on their turn, and then play passes to the other player when the timer runs out.

On the other hand, Minionverse features both PvP and PvE (asynchronous) modes. In PvE mode, while attacking your opponent’s base in Minionverse, you start by summoning waves of minions. But as everyone knows, minions are called minions for a reason. They need a master.

Minionverse is the first NFT game to introduce the concept of Free-to-Mint gaming. You can read more about Minionverse HERE.

According to Finder, a Sydney-headquartered research firm, some of the top countries with the most NFT P2E players are from Asia, with India leading the list, closely followed by Hong Kong, UAE, and the Philippines. Hence, although the marketing for Minionverse will be on a worldwide scale, the majority of the efforts will be highly-concentrated in Asia.

$MIVRS Presale Rounds

Following the successful private sale round, $MIVRS will continue its public funding efforts through token presale. Presale 1 is on the 28th of June, where early adopters will be able to purchase the sought-after $MIVRS for $0.02, 330% cheaper than the launch price, and subsequently followed by Presale 2 on the 12th of July, where you can buy $MIVRS for $0.03 or 220% cheaper than the launch price.

$MIVRS can be used in ALL THREE GAMES in Minionverse:

  1. Minionverse Tower Defense
  2. Winions Brawler Arena
  3. Battle of the Beasts

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Minionverse is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain game in the Binance Smart Chain network. Soon to launch on web, Android and iOS.