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A mix of tower defense and card game that supports blockchain and NFTs while being available on virtually any device. Does this sound too good to be true? It is now, but not for long. Prepare yourselves for Minionverse–a metaverse of Free-to-Play trading card games powered by NFT Gaming. Minionverse introduces an entirely new genre to the Web 3 space: free-to-mint gaming.

Fuero Games, in cooperation with Ulti Arena, is about to give the gaming and blockchain community a set of games like no other before. Why release one game if you can launch three? The partnership between Fuero Games and Ulti Arena yielded Minionverse Tower Defense, Winions Brawler Arena, and Battle of the Beasts.

Minionverse Tower Defense is now 100% PLAYABLE outside of blockchain, about to be integrated into it, and will be the first game to be released in Q4 of 2022.

Operating with the $MIVRS token, the entirety of Minionverse will run in the Binance Smart Chain and the games will be available on Android, iOS, and PC. One token. All three games. Private sale for $MIVRS is about to kick off so make sure to read till the end!

What does Minionverse Tower Defense has to offer? Why should you be interested?

Minionverse is the combination of a classic tower defense with trading card game. On top of those two, there is a third layer: the NFT support and play-to-earn mechanism. Together, they form a unique kind of entertainment: the first free-to-mint game.

Tower Defense

Just like in any other canonical tower defense titles, in Minionverse Tower Defense, your main goal is to defend your base from enemy attacks. However, the main does not mean the only one.

Making sure that your base is safe is just the beginning of the fun. Summon your minions and engage in the battle with your opponent on their ground. See what treasures they keep in their fortress. Use your loot to strengthen your defensive and attacking powers.

Trading Card Game

The gameplay of Minionverse resembles the beloved tower defense games. What about the trading card game puzzle? How does it fit the rest?

While attacking your opponent’s base, you start by summoning waves of minions. But as everyone knows, minions are called minions for a reason. They need a master.

A master, or a hero, can be summoned to the battle by using one of the cards from the player’s deck. Just like in Magic: the Gathering, your deck represents your set of heroes and thus fighting abilities. The stronger it is, the more likely you are to win your battles.

How to build a powerful deck? This question brings us to the third layer of Minionverse.

Play to Earn and NFTs

The in-game token for Minionverse is called $MIVRS. Players earn it while playing with the typical mechanism that rewards the most active players. $MIVRS can, later on, be spent on in-game purchases.

Improving the deck is not the only thing the players can do using the $MIVRS token. You can buy towers to defend your base. Invest in more effective or spectacular minions, or even buy the dragon egg to breed a dragon guardian of your base.

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The description matches all the other games that are free to play but require a lot of in-app purchases to be fun. How is Minionverse different from them?

Here is the answer: all of the in-game items are NFTs. This means you’re not spending. You’re investing. You can sell your towers, heroes, or dragon at any time.

No one can tell you’re wasting your time on video games anymore!

Free-to-Mint Game

Let’s dig deeper into this notion of a free to mint game. Why is it such a revolutionary concept and what does it mean to ordinary gamers?

Free minting is often called “lazy minting,” which is a process of minting NFTs at the moment of purchase. It is adopted by NFT marketplaces to lower the barrier to entry for NFT creators by making it possible to create NFTs without any up-front costs. The gas fees for minting are rolled into the same transaction that assigns the NFT to the buyer, so the NFT creator never has to pay to mint. Instead, a portion of the purchase price simply goes to cover the additional gas needed to create the initial NFT record.

Wide User Base

Let’s start from the fact that Minionverse is planned to be 100% free to play. Moreover, since it will be available for Apple, Android, and desktop, gamers will be able to play it virtually anywhere and any way they like. Those two factors, along with the engaging gameplay, promise a vast user base, and thus many potential buyers for Minioverse NFTs.

Fuero Games and Ulti Arena

Fuero Games is a new player in blockchain gaming although an expert veteran in traditional mobile game development. They are the developer of The Witcher: Battle Arena, a MOBA game inspired by the self-title Netflix series.

Meanwhile, Ulti Arena is an ecosystem of all things gaming that aims to provide white-label solutions for game studios, developers, and artists to create an entire game-centered community with its revolutionary products. Just recently, Ulti Arena has announced that Minionverse will be added to their gaming ecosystem.

Game Economics Sustainability

All $MIVRS tokens that will be used by players will be distributed as:
30% burned
15% treasury managed by DAO
15% treasury team
40% goes back to the game as PvP/tournament prizes

In the beginning, all in-game items will be denominated in MIVRS. As the game gains more users and token value increases, we will use USD as the pricing peg to keep the entry barrier low. Basically, the rate of winnings will be determined by USD not fixed in MIVRS.

$MIVRS Presale

If all of the above sounds alluring, you may be interested to know that $MIVRS is about to hold its Private Sale and IDO rounds starting 14th of June. Participating in the first round of Private Sales entitles you to 650% price difference compared to the token launch price! Such a steal!!!!

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Minionverse is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain game in the Binance Smart Chain network. Soon to launch on web, Android and iOS.