How to Claim your $MIVRS Tokens from Private and Presale Rounds

Jun 14, 2022


After taking part in and purchasing your $MIVRS during the Private and Presale, next you’ll want to claim your tokens. Claiming is as easy as how you purchased your tokens!

1. Go to

2. Make sure you’re at Contract -> Write as Proxy tab

3. Click 🔴 Connect To Web3 link and connect your wallet to the website 🟢

4. Find 3. release

5. Click Write button and confirm the transaction from your wallet

6. Add $MIVRS to your assets list
Contract Address: 0x266A9Bc534b19369B00380a86f74612dD236a0aF
Token Symbol: MIVRS
Decimals: 18

7. Once the transaction is confirmed, minted tokens should be visible in your account.

And you’re done! All $MIVRS tokens bought during the private and presale rounds are vested for specific periods. Please see below.




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